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The reason for doing what we do. Nothing better than visiting wonderful new places and enjoying fun new experiences all by sailboat.

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Boat Projects

It's not all cocktails and sunshine, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. We try to do as much DIY boat work as we can.

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Boat Buying

Buying a boat can be a scary process if you have never done it before. We'll share our experiences and lessons learned with you.

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Is your Victron battery monitor lying to you?

Default settings need to be changed for use with Solar

If you have a Victron Energy BMV battery monitor and you charge your batteries by solar, you should check your battery monitor’s automatic synchronisation settings. With the default settings, you may think your batteries are 100% charged when they are in fact much lower.

26th July 2022

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Plymouth Cruise

Sailing to Plymouth and back, taking a bit more time to explore

15 days, 350NM - This was our 3rd trip down to the West Country. The goal this time was to just get as far as Plymouth and to spend more time in each place relaxing and exploring.

26th June 2021

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Cornish Summer Cruise

Our passage from the River Hamble to Gorran Haven in Cornwall and a leisurely sail back

A quick dash to Gorran Haven in Cornwall with friends and a leisurely sail back to Hamble. Why Gorran Haven? Having joked about it many times over a glass of wine, our mission was to get a photo of Anika anchored in the bay from our friend’s house in Gorran Haven.

5th August 2020

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Osbourne Bay, IOW

Our first trip to Osbourne Bay

An excellent day of firsts; first time we’ve anchored in Osborne Bay on the Isle-of-Wight, first time we’ve had to reef Anika’s main sail, first time out with all three vertical battens in the main.

21st July 2019

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Our First West Country Odyssey

From the river Hamble to Fowey, Cornwall and back

This was our first opportunity to take Anika on a longer cruise. With all the Brexit stuff going on we decided to head west along the English south coast and just see how far we get before having to turn back east towards home.

19th April 2019

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