Anchored off the beach at Gorran Haven

Cornish Summer Cruise

Our passage from the River Hamble to Gorran Haven in Cornwall and a leisurely sail back

5th August 2020 by Martin

A quick dash to Gorran Haven in Cornwall with friends and a leisurely sail back to Hamble. Why Gorran Haven? Having joked about it many times over a glass of wine, our mission was to get a photo of Anika anchored in the bay from our friend’s house in Gorran Haven.

Day 1 - River Hamble to Poole Harbour

Passing the Needles on the first leg of our 150nm trip to Gorran Haven in Cornwall. A relatively short passage from Hamble to Poole Quay, so that we can better time our rounding of Portland Bill to catch the tide on day 2.

The trip didn’t start quite as expected. We had booked a spot on the fuel berth on the Hamble, timed perfectly with our departure and the tides through the Needles channel. The marina staff contacted me just as we left our berth to say the pump had developed a technical fault and there was no fuel. So we carried on into Southampton Water as I was ringing round all the local marinas to see if we could get fuel. In the end we decided to get fuel whilst we are in Poole.

After a leisurely sail we moored up in Poole Quay Boat Haven and chatted to our neighbours about boats and sailing plans. I finished off my anchor splice, extending Anika’s anchor chain with 40m of new Octoplait anchor warp. When we get to Gorran Haven we may need to anchor in slightly deeper water than usual. With the extra warp we can anchor in up to 14m of water instead of our normal 10m. I am quite proud of my splice, it’s a work of art. ⚓️⛓🧶

image-1 image-2 image-3

Day 2 - Poole Harbour to Gorran Haven (overnight sail across Lyme Bay)

The “Big One”, our first overnight passage and our longest passage to date.

We were on the fuel dock at 8:30am ready to set off on the 125nm passage from Poole Quay to Gorran Haven. After yesterdays “technical fault” on MDL’s fuel dock on the Hamble, this was our last chance to top up the tanks before setting off across Lyme Bay. Not much wind forecast for most of the day so assumed we would be motoring for a large part of it. Lovely cruise past Old Harry heading for our waypoint, 5 miles off Portland Bill.

We passed Portland Bill 5 miles offshore with barely a ripple on the water. In the middle of Lyme Bay a huge pod of dolphins came to visit us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many dolphins at once.

After the dolphin display we finished supper and prepared for a night sail that would take us around Start Point and passing south of the Eddystone Lighthouse in Devon on our way to Cornwall. And the sunset was a bit special too.

Day 3 - Arrive Gorran Haven

125nm and 23 hours after we left Poole, we arrived as planned in the bay of Gorran Haven. Just got to get that picture we came for 📷 and it will be mission accomplished!

So here it it, the picture we came for. Stunning view out across the bay, but this time with a familiar boat anchored up 😉

Day 4 - Gorran Haven to Fowey (via Porth Looe)

Day 5 - Fowey to Plymouth

Day 6 - Plymouth to River Yealm

Day 10 - River Yealm to Salcombe

Day 11 - Salcombe to Dartmouth (in the fog)

Day 12 - Dartmouth to Weymouth (across Lyme Bay)

Day 13 - Weymouth to River Hamble