Setting off down the Hamble

Our First West Country Odyssey

From the river Hamble to Fowey, Cornwall and back

19th April 2019 by Martin

This was our first opportunity to take Anika on a longer cruise. With all the Brexit stuff going on we decided to head west along the English south coast and just see how far we get before having to turn back east towards home.

Thanks to a combination of special public holidays and time off from work we had a total of 18 days for our first West Country Odyssey.

Day 1 - River Hamble to Yarmouth, IOW

And we’re off! After what feels like weeks of preparation we are ready for day 1 of our “West Coast Odyssey”. We’re starting off with a short sail from the Hamble River to Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Very busy on Southampton Water with a big cruise ship to avoid. Ended the day moored up on buoy outside Yarmouth, enjoying watching people trying to pick up buoys. It’s always a great spectator sport.

image-1 image-2 image-3

Day 2 - Yarmouth, IOW to Poole Harbour

Day 3 - Pool Harbour to Weymouth

Day 4 - Weymouth to Brixham (across Lyme Bay)

Day 5 - Brixham to Salcombe

Day 6 - Salcombe to Plymouth

Day 10 - Plymouth to Fowey, Cornwall

Day 11 - Fowey to River Yealm

Day 12 - River Yealm to Dartmouth

Day 13 - Dartmouth to Torquay (via Dittisham and Brixham)

Day 14 - Torquay to Weymouth

Day 15 - Weymouth to Lulworth Cove and back

Day 17 - Weymouth to Poole Hbr

Day 18 - Poole Harbour to River Hamble